The 3PL with customs and delivery services included

3PL services

-    Unloading, quality and quantity checking of goods
-    Labelling and personalized packaging
-    Upright warehouse
-    Picking and order fulfillment according to the main stock management systems (Fifo, Lotti)
-    Shipping to national and international area
-    Management of the returns 
-     Customs warehouse

Delivery services

-    Planning of a safe shipping
-    Shipping flexibility
-    Online tracking from departure to final destination
-    Online forms and documentation
-    Fast deliveries (trasit time: 24/48 hours)

3PL is the evolution of 3PL ITALIA: it is the point of contact for the Mediterranean area, for the italian and international companies that comply with the market changes. It is for business that choose an outsorced logistic integrated service with customs and delivery facilities provided by the certify AEO partners

3PL MED is the only supervisor and referent for all personalized services of the supply chain and it is directly responsible for the companies, with his more than 80 years of experience.
  • It allows a flexible logistic service
  • Significant economic reduction
  • No fix costs for facility and tooling
  • Big storage availability
  • Most developed facility and tooling
  • Highly qualified and specialized staff
  • Precise inventory management
  • Always available online tracking of the inventory
  • Integrated telematic process
  • Unique solution for stock and delivery request
  • No process inefficiency and functional redesign
  • Maximization of the customer satisfaction thanks to the reduction of delivery timing

National and international transport services has a point of contact only in the 3PL MED: the logistic services are integrated with national and international transport services that are managed by the operating center using their national and international networks. 

The 3PL MED project is integrated, compared to the 3PL ITALY, with customs services: thanks to the AEO FULL certification and APPROVED PLACE.
The AEO FULL certification is an accreditation with international importance that makes 3PL MED able to offer an outsourcing logistic service with transport and customs services included. It ensures a lot of advantages
  • Reduction of good’s transfer that allows saving time and higher safety
  • Possibility of import and export customs activities, improvement and transit operations
  • Costs reduction thanks to the possibility to use the logistics headquarter of Cremona, Piacenza, Bologna and Civitanova Marche as transit point
  • Facitilitations in customs security inspections and simplified customs clearance
  • Load priority treatment in case of inspection
  • Better cooperation and communication between the supply chain partners
  • No provision of warranty for some customs operation and possibility of costs deferred payment. 

The accreditation of APPROVED PLACE offers the possibility of centralize the import-export customs operations at its 3PL points and this provides a lot of advantages:
  • Quick customs operation
  • Fast release of goods
  • Low or cleared costs for port and airport stops
  • Safe goods inspections
  • Possibility of re-invoice the export customs operations to the foreign customers (ex works).
The company that choose 3PL MED is supported at every national ports and airports and at internal customs, both for introduction operation at the customs warehouse and for the IVA tax warehouse.
  • In case of customs warehouse there are a lot of advantages:
  • no advanced payment of customs duties (charges, VAT and other internal taxes)
  • total discharge of customs duties payment for goods addressed to extra EU countries
  • release without customs duties inside the warehouse
  • commercial facilities for goods on consignment
  • possibility of goods usual handling: repackaging, assortment, labelling, etc..

If you choose the VAT tax warehouse:
  • For import and free circulation goods, the payment of VAT is suspended
  • VAT payment for outgoing goods is only with self-assessment and accounting entries
  • Release without VAT inside the warehouse
  • No VAT fulfillment of goods addressed to other UE countries 
  • Operations in “light tax representation”
Please, ask for a customs check up for your company at this email address: info@3plitalia.com    


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