The safest and most-effective service to import the excellence of ‘Made in Italy’ in a simple and trustworthy way.

Collect and 3pl di Ghisoni Integrated Logistic
  • Unloading and quality control of  goods
  • Labelling and  packaging customisation
  • Vertical storage
  • Picking and evasion of orders
  • Packaging
  • Shipment to Italian or international areas
  • Returns Management 
Ghisoni Integrated Logistic offers storage services to a wide range of enterprises – from the largest to the smallest ones – in need of an expert and efficient  courier in order to collect and stock italian products and row materials that are to be imported in other countries.
The  warehouse in Cremona is a perfect transit point: it is located in Lombardia, in a strategic position in the north part of Italy, not far from Milano, Brescia and Piacenza.
In the  logistics centre the company provide  a  continually monitored warehouse which offers storage and distribution services on behalf of third parties, both for long and short periods of time.
The qualified staff of Ghisoni Integrated Logistic guarantees a safe and continually monitored storage of goods.
Choosing the cross docking system all goods brought into the country are checked, labelled and eventually combined with other products in order to be shipped. This is the safest, simplest and most effective way to export ready-to-sell goods.
Besides Ghisoni Integrated Logistic we also offer Ghisoni Transport’s experience for  goods distribution to retailers on European soil.
Ghisoni Integrated Logistic is constantly studying new logistic models in order to fit the demands.
Besides storage and distribution services Ghisoni Integrated Logistic offers:
  • Unloading and quality control of  goods
  • Labelling and  packaging customisation
  • Vertical storage
  • Collection of goods in Italy and in the international territory
  • Delivery to port warehouses or corporate headquarters 
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